"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

September 14 (Saturday) 8 pm & September 15 (Sunday) 7 pm

September features Brian Baillie and Chris Williams in a new work, Before and After Volume, in four sections.  “The original idea for the music came from a mechanism. The sound is repeated two times, and once the sound is repeated, it comes back played backwards, similar to a boomerang.  The idea for the movement came from a clock mechanism.”  Beginning with the physical image of hanging from vertical strings common to Butoh, Brian started working with spheres resulting in his bodily articulations occurring in angles.  In this new work, Brian is both dancer and musician, playing flute and guitar, and Chris plays western drums and Indian tabla.

Composer/dancer Brian Baillie, a student of Jarrad Powell and Joan Laage, performed in Dappin’ Butoh’s 5000 FALLING SOULS last May and again on September 11, 2002.  In June, he performed his own work at On The Boards’ 12 Minute-Max, and at the Forest Festival at the Good Shepherd Center in July.  Brian is also the audio engineer for ZeArc’s project at Burning Man this year.  Brian and Chris Williams perform as Onno, a duo dedicated to the organic realization of electronic music.

Joan Laage will perform another work in her “grandfather dances” series inspired by her travels to Denmark and Germany.  In this piece she will also explore the “body as land” using principles from Tai Chi Chuan.  Joan practices several forms of Tai Chi including Yang Style 24, 40, and 85 forms, Chen Style, and a competition sword form, and is Assistant Instructor at Chinese Wu Shu & Tai Chi Academy in the International District under Sifu Yijiao Hong.

Joan Laage in her Mill Dances Series in Denmark  Photographer: Bo