"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

October 25 (Saturday 8 pm) & October 26 (Sunday 7 pm) $12 [students 2 for 1]

For October Joan Laage and guest artists create their own dreamlike and ghostly work incorporating three traditional Noh plays. Noh actor Yukie Iitomi will perform dances from the Noh repertoire, accompanied by Noh chanting in English and Japanese by David Crandall, who will also create a live sound score. Joan will also be joined by local performer/choreographer Yoko Murao. The four artists are pouring their individual expertise and creativity into this new work.

Yukie Iitomi is a noh performer, teacher, and workshop presenter. She has
also participated in many experimental works with artists in such fields as
modern dance, butoh, koto performance, and poetry.





David Crandall has studied, performed and taught noh since 1979. He is also
active as a composer and playwright, with an output that includes dance
dramas, film scores, and most recently, children¹s musicals.



Yoko Murao has been performing and choreographing for the last twenty two years. She has appeared numerous times in Seattle's major dance series, and performed in Italy and Poland in 1998. In 2001, she produced "Twilight (Tasogare)" at Volunteer Park in front of Noguchi's Black Sun sculpture, and in 2002 she choreographed "Lullaby" for Aono-Jikken, a collaborative group of musicians and other performers who are known for their original scores performed with silent film screenings. Yoko appeared in Dappin' Butoh's production of "Four Seasons In A Rock Garden."

Photo by Graham Syed, Kalo Studio

Joan Laage is Artistic Director of Dappin' Butoh since 1991 and producer of "intimate stage" since June 2001. Joan collaborated with David and Yukie on Joan's solo piece "Nothing Lasts But Memory" and on Dappin's production Macbeth. Dappin' Butoh performed in David's production of "moOnviewing." They have also lectured together as guests of Cornish College's Theater and Performance/Production Departments. Joan performed in Yoko's "Twilight", and has just returned from the first New York Butoh Festival where she was a featured performer and teacher.