"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

Alex Keller & Christopher De Laurenti with Joan Laage

"intimate stage" July 2002
OCTOBER 19 (Saturday at 8 pm) & OCTOBER 20 (Sunday at 7 pm)

October features Alex Keller and Christopher DeLaurenti in a collaboration with dancer Joan Laage. Abrasive, sparse, ethereal, abrupt, and wistful, rebreather improvise live electronic music from the digital glossolalia of sabotaged consumer electronics, homebrew circuits, and obsolete devices. Basking in the danger of live electronics, they battle their instruments from second to second, minute by minute. rebreather's goal is to coax and exhume whichever sounds they find, then fuse them into a sonic conversation of shared solos, duets and, of course, silences.

rebreather has performed in a variety of venues including On the Boards Northwest New Works, Earshot Jazz' Voice & Vision series, Mixtophonics in Vancouver BC, the WWU Electro-Acoustic festival in Bellingham, and the Seattle Art Museum. rebreather has also baffled and stymied listeners at unlikely places such as Starbucks Coffee in Southcenter, Experience Music Project, and the Phoenix Festival. www.delaurenti.net/rebreather.htm

Alex Keller creates work in different mediums: sound design, experimental sound art, traditional music composition, and performance. His work explores formal ideas of narrative in music and sound, investigates the relationship between an authentic sound event and a recorded one, and uses different experimental production techniques. Christopher DeLaurenti is a composer and improvisor. Incorporating murky atmospheres, unusual field recordings, everyday speech, and an array of instruments deployed in maniacal recombinant polyphony, Christopher's music resides at delaurenti.net along with many music-related essays and articles.

Artistic Director of Dappin' Butoh since 1991, Joan is known for her solo work, large scale productions with Dappin', and collaborations with local musicians. Her work 5000 FALLING SOULS, supported in part by an award from the Seattle Arts Commission was performed in May and recently in September at the Waging Peace Festival.