"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

NOVEMBER 16 (Sat 16 8pm) & NOVEMBER 17 (Sun 7 pm)

"intimate stage" November 2002

Dappin' Butoh in IMPRINTS

November's "intimate stage" features Dappin' Butoh with Mish Curtis, Mary Cutrera, Joan Laage, Willy Manalang, d.K. Pan, and Helen Thorsen in a remounting of IMPRINTS. IMPRINTS was first performed at Cornish's Ned Skinner Theatre in 1995 and for the Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival in 1996. IMPRINTS deposits the audience in an urban atmosphere abundant with personal history.

"A Delicious Feeling of Confusion." Korby Sears, The Stranger

"The company's work has always been very impressionistic, leaving it to the viewer to make what rational sense of it they might. I've always felt that Dappin's work was more about transporting the audience into a way of thinking, without dictating what we should think. They expertly use the body as a canvas, which
the imagination can grow lost in…they come together in a stunning piece of true performance art…A sculptural sense of placement and composition combines with Daniel Menche's pounding score…"
Matthew Richter, The Stranger

[photos of Mary Cutrera and Helen Thorsen by Herbert Shepherd]

Ripped from the concept of our lives

and from all concept

somehow, and plainly,

the sun will come up

each morning

and sink again

So that we experience


every day

two worlds

one of which we share with the

rose in bloom
and one,

by far the greater,

with the past,

the world of memory,

the silly world of history,

the world

of the imagination.

--William Carlos Williams