"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

MAY 22 (8 pm) & MAY 23 (7 pm)
with special pre-show performance both nights

“intimate stage” presents
my sweet headless chicken,
a performance installation with d.k. pan & joan laage, with sound construction by Susan Rob

This May “intimate stage” celebrates three years of incredible performing by local, national, and international artists, and the closing of the venue. Needing a change and some adventure in their lives, Joan Laage and her husband David Thornbrugh are leaving for Europe in August for a few years. May’s program is a performance installation with d.k. pan and Joan Laage. Imagine a white landscape of salt…grains of memory strewn about…pulling forward the past--people, things, events…faded photographs of the mind.

d.k. pan is known for his work with P.A.N. (Performance Art Network) and has performed with Dappin’ Butoh and Degenerate Art Ensemble. Currently he and P.A.N. are making a full-length film, and with a grant from the city d.k. is preparing a large installation performance for next fall. Joan Laage has been Artistic Director of Dappin’ Butoh since 1991, a group that is well known to Seattle artists and audiences. She also teaches workshops in Seattle, at universities and colleges, and abroad. Joan has been a guest teacher frequently at Cornish College through the years. She recently returned from Poland where she performed and taught.

Joan will also teach an Butoh workshop – Embodying The Spirit – May 21-23 and particpants will do a pre-show performance for Sunday’s “intimate stage”.

“intimate stage” is located at 2353 N 64th St (east side of Green Lake). Reservations are recommended. For reservations and workshop registration please call 206-526-5756.
Performance cost is a sliding scale $7-$12.