"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

MARCH 19 (Friday at 8 pm) & MARCH 20 (Saturday at 8 pm)

Artistic Director of MAMU DANCE THEATRE
& MAMU-Festivals in Gottingen, Germany & Tokyo, Japan

PERFORMANCES at "intimate stage" & WORKSHOPS
Cost: $10 General & $7 Student/Senior
Reservations recommended: 206-526-5756 or

TADASHI ENDO [born in 1947 in Peking, China; resides in Germany], director of the Butoh-Center MAMU and the Butoh-Festivals MAMU in Göttingen, embodies in the truest sense of that word the wisdom of both the Western and Oriental dance and theatre traditions. His repertory includes Noh theatre, Kabuki and Butoh, as well as the traditional forms of Occidental theatre, which he studied at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna. In 1989 T. Endo met Kazuo Ohno for the first time and they both realized a deep mental relationship which is increasing since then. In this synthesis of worldwide traditions, T. Endo transcends the boundaries of each, although Butoh's trancelike absorption into oneself continues to be visible as the starting point of his movement. T. Endo dances his life, his dreams, and his feelings. He is touring throughout Eastern and Western Europe, USA and Japan. He is guest professor at the High School of Music and Expressive Arts in Frankfurt/Main, Music Academy in Jerusalem, and University for Theater and Expressive Arts Campinas, Sao Paolo.

In his extraordinary dances, T. Endo succeeds to express the field of tension between Yin and Yang, the male and female and their ever lasting alteration. He uses the suggestive power of concentrated movement phrases to explore the closure of life's cycles. He opens up a void space which can be either calming or irritating, and in the experience of which the observer submerges him-/herself into a world beyond time and words: that is MA.

MA in ZEN- Buddhism means "emptyness" and "space between the things". Butoh MA is the way to make the unvisible visible. MA means to be in between. MA is like standing on the riverside watching the water floating along. You want to reach the other side but the other side means death. You want to finish to your life on this side but you did not yet, you are half here and half over there. Your soul is waiting for the last step - completely calm - without breathing - completely quiet - not dead and not alive - this is MA. MAMU is the combination of the two in Zen-buddhism Ma and Mu. MA - means space in between MU - the big emptiness.

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