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Embodying the Spirit Workshop
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kogut (rooster in Polish), the title and theme of an "intimate stage" (Krakow) performance with Polish percussionist Tomek Choloniewski, refers to solo work and collaborative projects which Joan has taken part in since January 2005. Joan frequently collaborates with Polish percussionist Tomek Choloniewski.

February 1
8pm with Izumi Ashikawa
Cafe Mlynek, plac Wolnica 7 in Kazimierz

February 3-5
Embodying The Spirit: Butoh Workshop Feb 3-5 10-12 & 12.15-14.15
Performance Feb 4 at 8pm with Carey Jeffries
Scena Tanca Staromiejskiego Centrum Kultury Mlodziezy, ul Wietora 15
contact: Ewa 601 680 376

February 14, 15, 19
Performance: Operation Teatr #1
The Space, London




Photo: Pawel Gula

February 18 & 19
Embodying The Spirit: Butoh Workshop
Lbac, Eastbourne House, Bullards Place, Bethnal Green, London E2
11-5pm cost £80 Booking for all workshops: butohuk@aol.com

February 25 & 26
"every baby is jesus" & "Waiting For Butoh" Performance
Active Kultur Association in Wroclaw Contact: Adam Kaminski art16@tlen.pl

Progressteron Festival (Krakow) Teaching & Performing

April 21-23
Performance & Workshop
Mandala Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Sztuki in Wroclaw
Contact: Adam Kaminski art16@tlen.pl

May 13 & 14
Anatomical Teatr, Viewer As Voyeur: The Body Beyond with Teatr Amareya & Tomek Choloniewski
Anatomical Theatre (Uppsala, Sweden)

June 12-18
Performance & Workshop
Festival BUTO 2006 at Tenri in Paris
Drumming Up Oskar with Tomek Choloniewski, percussion
Terrible Passion with Claude, accordion (costume by Sara Damm - www.saradamm.com)

August 6
Teatr Anatomiczny, Misterium zycia i smierci with Teatr Amareya & Tomek Choloniewski
Kosciol Sw. Jana (Gdansk)

December 16, 2004
“intimate stage” (Krakow) Performance Party
every baby is jesus & nutcracker

January 29, 2005
“intimate stage” (Krakow) CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION!
kogut (rooster): adult male chIcken; cocky or combatIve person
Joan Laage with Tomek Choloniewski

March 16, 2005
Gallery (Poznan, Poland)
Improvisation with Tomek Choloniewski

May 21, 2005
Manggha Center (Krakow)
“Salt Sea Grass” with Tomek Choloniewski

July 14, 2005
Café Mlynek (Krakow)
Performance with Kristin Narcowich (dance)

July 21, 2005
Café Mlynek (Krakow)
Performance with Elzbieta Ekielska (piano)

October 8 & 9, 2005
Progressteron Festival (Krakow) Teaching & Performing

December 16, 2005
Performance with Atsushi Takenouchi
ButohBarter, Osrodek Dzialan Tworczych in Warsaw


June 26, 2006
Café Mlynek (Krakow)
Farewell Party

Photos: Pawel Gula
(costume by Sara Damm - www.saradamm.com)

Background Photo: Pawel Gula