June 15 (Saturday 8 pm) & June 16 (Sunday 7 pm)

Ishan Vernallis & Joan Laage appear at "intimate stage"
opening with lowcrawlershighflying

Featured in an article on house concerts in the Seattle P-I, "intimate stage" begins its second year. Dappin' Butoh's monthly series presents Ishan Vernallis in June. "I had to dance all morning just to begin to write that if you could be the fluidity of the spine there would be no need for words." A performing artist, Ishan has been the creative force behind numerous collaborations held at the Seattle Art Museum and other venues working with video artists Scott Johnson and Rod Hatfield, sound artists/musicians Kullen Snavely, Serina Tideman, and Adam McCollom, and designer Adam Arnold. Ishan has performed with Dappin' Butoh and Degenerate Art Ensemble and continues to work with P.A.N and Jason Webley. Most recently he toured the US performing and facilitating workshops with Anna Peterson.

For "intimate stage" Ishan will collaborate with Scott Johnson in a new work, Zero Tolerance, inspired by a phenomenon that is detonating the world's collective unconscious, using video-text projections created by Scott (aka Tracer Visuals). Scott is an avatar of molding human emotion, capturing both delicate and savage displays of the human condition. His skills run from filming and editing, to writing his own video programs with max/msp and nato, to conceiving installations and creating video collage. Scott created the stunning visual landscape for Dappin's May production 5000 FALLING SOULS supported in part by the Seattle Arts Commission.

Dappin' Butoh's artistic director Joan Laage will perform a new work, Coil, exploring action and reaction and extreme forces of energy to a live sonic composition by Onno. Onno is a duo composed of Brian Baillie and Chris Williams that creates ambient music layered with rhythm. A student of Jarrad Powell, Brian recently performed with Dappin' Butoh, and also performs his own creations of movement and sound.

The evening will begin with a pre-show outdoor event at 7:30 pm - a performance by lowcrawlershighflying with Mandy Gulla, Kristin Narcowich, Tina Pilonetti, and Alan Sutherland.

The evening will culminate in refreshments being served, and Ishan showing video excerpts of Kazuo Ohno from his recent trip to Japan to study with the master and his son Yoshito.

Photo: Vincent Brown