"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival
JULY 20 (Saturday 8 pm) & JULY 21 (Sunday 7 pm)

"intimate stage" July 2002
DREAMING OF BABYLON: Poetry in Words & Motion

Featured in an article on house concerts in the Seattle P-I, "intimate stage" continues its second year. Dappin' Butoh's monthly series presents an evening of poetry in words and motion featuring poets Erynn Rowan Laurie with Diann Rose and David Thornbrugh, and dancers lowcrawlershighflying and Joan Laage. In "Dreaming of Babylon" Thornbrugh evokes imagery of the birth of urban civilization in ancient Sumeria, and Laurie explores timeless internal cityscapes through dreams.

David Thornbrugh is a much-published Seattle poet who is a regular at local open mics. He has collaborated with lowcrawlershighflying previously on the theme of the element "Air", believes that somewhere between language and movement is where the heart takes off and soars. Erynn Rowan Laurie, professional madwoman, has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1981. Poet, writer, percussionist, vocalist, and performance artist, her works have been published or seen in places as diverse as Shaman's Drum, Crab Creek Review, PoetsWest, and the Folklife Festival.

Lowcrawlershighflying is a collaborative company who have participated together in the Seattle Fringe Festival, previous "intimate stage" programs, Aunty147, and this August will appear once again in the Art in Nature Festival. Drawing from diverse backgrounds, Alan Sutherland, Tina Pilonetti, Mandy Gulla, and Kristin Narcowich use their experience in Art, Philosophy, Religion, Music, Dance teaching, cooking, travelling, and general love of life to create unexpected alchemical reactions. Dappin' Butoh's artistic director Joan Laage joins lowcrawlerhighflying for July's program, taking advantage of the summer weather by performing in her garden.
The evening will culminate in refreshments, and a video showing of Butoh artists.

"…words can provide healing or poisonous worlds.
We'll attempt to move through that ambiguous territory."-kn

Photo collage by Jim Jewell