"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival
January 24 (Saturday at 8:00 pm) & January 25 (Sunday at 7:00 pm), 2004

into the new year featuring...

_rYa_ _iver_ with Sacrificial Totem
Sheri Brown
Joan Laage

Beyond the veils of the world we see with our eyes,
speak with our mouths,
lies another,
where our words fall empty,
our perceptions deceived.

_rYa_ _iver_ This one is a ghost----> blankened and hollow, only to be seen as anything but hirself. Ze has stripped the inner and outer of the name given by hir mother to signify becoming hir own epicene Creator. The name is the sound that dies with the wind, not having blown since the spring of 2003.

Sacrificial Totem had a cdr released on the Ajna Offensive label in 2003 and has recently finished a cycle of ritual performances around the northwest accompanied by a more recent recording, Alamut.



The program includes a new solo by Sheri Brown, Where I Came From. Drawing upon her mime training from Arizona State University, and a seed sewn in her imagination in Paris, Sheri, aka "SugahB," began street performing as an "angel fairy dancing mime human sculpture" at Pike Place Market and local festivals. After a year in Seattle, Sheri founded Aunty 147, a non profit artist cooperative aiming to empower world citizens to share directly with each other, joyfully, creatively, and soulfully. Performance venues range from homes, to clubs, and to theatre spaces like the Capitol Hill Arts Center. Sheri is a member of P.A.N. (performance art network/perception as narcotic), and has performed with Dappin' Butoh. Joan Laage, Artistic Director of Dappin' Butoh and producer of "intimate stage," will also perform a new solo, Brooding Embers.