"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival
January 18 (Saturday at 8 pm) & January 19 (Sunday at 7 pm)

"intimate stage" January 2003

Tina Pilonetti, Kristin Narcowich, Alan Sutherland, Mandy Gulla, & Joan Laage

Tina Pilonetti is featured in January's "intimate stage". A member of Dappin' Butoh and lowcrawlershighflying, Tina recently returned from a ten-day intensive workshop with Mexican Ritual Butoh master Diego Piñon, an artist who continually inspires her. Tina writes, "What Survives Remains is my dance of this past year. The murder of my dearest and closest companion uprooted my definition of who I am, of what is. One thing I believe is that through an opening into our darkest selves we may be able to find REDEMPTION. We must face our fear of death, we must ruminate on our own deaths, in order to lead more fertile, fruitful lives. Death can be a dark and hollow closing, an empty cavern, or it can be the next great OPENING. I have been exploring rage and how that energy can have a transformative effect. The same rage that can take life can also give new life." Tina performs to the music of Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Philip Glass, Beethoven, and Moby.

[photos of Tina Pilonetti by Mandy Gulla]

On the program is a duet with Alan Sutherland and Kristin Narcowich (Mandy Gulla performs with Alan on Sunday). A former member of Dappin' Butoh and known for his own solo work, Alan performs with lowcrawlershighflying, P.A.N, and Degenerate Art Ensemble. With a background in modern dance and ballet, Kristin dances with Dappin' Butoh, Degenerate Art Ensemble, P.A.N. and lowcrawlershighflying while in Seattle. She is currently teaching and studying in the graduate program in Religion at Temple U and dancing with Moeno Wakamatsu in NYC. Mandy Gulla, a self- taught painter from Detroit, performs with lowcrawlershighflying and Dappin' Butoh. Also this month, Joan Laage dances a solo entitled The Other Side of The Moon in celebration of the full moon.

[photo of Kristin and Alan by Carolyn Lee]