"intimate stage"
5000 Falling Souls

The Bride's Tales

“The Dionysian rite approaches frenzy. The party-goers start to bite, lick and show their underwear while drums pound, pound, pound like the heart of darkness.”
N.W.B., The Stranger

“Have you ever stared at a painting long enough that you thought you saw it move? Welcome to Dappin’ Butoh’s The Brides Tales…” “The fascinating facial expressions, the subtle twisting of joints, and the slow evolution of a gesture make The Bride’s Tales alive with imagery.” Anne Sims, DanceNet Review

“Somewhere in the very bowels of love’s own private evolution you witnessed…something. Something you may still dream, but can never quite recall in wakefulness. The sensation of wraiths wrapped in eternal intimacy is the unique and beautiful gift received from Dappin’ Butoh’s production, The Bride’s Tales.” “Tales speaks to our primordial selves in the enigmatic tongue of fluid motion.” Tracey Collier, Seattle Fringe Festival Reviewer

“Dappin’ Butoh’s eerie, mesmerizing dance-movement piece ‘The Bride’s Tales’ is part primitive ritual, part Federico Fellini.” “…’The Bride’s Tales’ addresses the institution of marriage, the bondage of domesticity, and the thin line between us and apes.” Lauren Ray Pollard, The Seattle Times

Voicing Blue

“Each of the collaborators seemed to delve deeply into their own inspirational source, complimenting each other’s work, yet fully articulate in their own medium.” The whole effect was mesmerizing, with a sexual ambiguity that somehow supports the channeling of “blue.”
Constance Miller —Seattle Fringe Festival Review Rag (Sep 22, 2002)

”Come see this show to contemplate the majesty of things of which we have at most a vague intuition.” “Rather than try to grasp them with witty intellect, music and dance are used to amplify and reveal them. Excellent dance by Joan Laage, astounding musical performance by Shannon Hale!!!” —Tom G (Sep 28, 2002)