"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

February 14 (Sunday at 8:00 pm) & February 15 (Sunday at 7:00 pm)


Treat yourself and your lover/partner/friend, or do come by yourself to a celebration of St Valentine's Day at our special cabaret. From sentimental to sensual, from delightful to disturbing, from humorous to heartfelt to hot, nine performers cavort, command, and careen about the stage in performance art, butoh, spoken word, belly dancing, and vaudeville skits. Performers are: Sheri Brown, Mish Curtis, Mandy Gulla, Kesha, Joan Laage, Paul Nelson, David Thornbrugh, Alan Sutherland and Julene Weaver. Following the performance there will be a party with food, beverage, and music.

"intimate stage" is at 2353 N 64th St and reservations are highly recommended. Admission is $10 or $16 ("Sweet 16" for 2). Contact: Dappin' Butoh at 206-526-5756.

ALAN SUTHERLAND and MANDY GULLA perform a duo about passions gone awry. Alan and Mandy first danced together in Dappin's 'Brides Tales' in 2000. For a couple years they were half of the now defunct troupe lowcrawlershighflying. Since then they have danced as a duet at many exciting events.

KESHA, a professional belly dancer in Seattle, will perform a cabaret Egyptian dance with introduction, veil, drum and finale.

MISH CURTIS performs a comic book style "Love you to pieces" about a young girl and her doll. Mish danced with Dappin' Butoh for several years and performed in Degenerate Art Ensemble's last big production. She is currently working on an ensemble show called "Frog waits at Goose Landing" with Helen Thorsen and Mary Cutrera.

Writer PAUL NELSON performs spoken work. Paul is a broadcast interview host who founded It Plays in Peoria Productions, through which he syndicates a radio interview show to KING-FM and 13 other stations. Co-founder of Auburn, WA's SPLAB! - The Northwest SPokenword LAB, Paul has finished the manuscript of an epic poem including Auburn history entitled: A Time Before Slaughter and writes one American Sentence every day.

JULENE TRIPP WEAVER's "Spin the Bottle: Uncensored" will highlight her love, sex and relationship poetry. Having missed out on ever actually playing Spin the Bottle this will be a healing ritual of great magnitude. A self-proclaimed Health Artist, Julene indulges herself in Continuum Movement since 1988 in NYC. She explores the boundaries of sound, movement and writing in her Muse To Write workshops. She works as an AIDS Case Manager, her body of writing Case Walking: An AIDS Case Manager Wails her Blues was the inspiration for her first performance poetry piece, The Wailing Wall.

DAVID THORNBRUGH is a Ring of Fire poet with roots in Japan and feet on a fault line. David recites his poetry in a duet with JOAN LAAGE in homage to Cabaret Voltaire. Joan is Artistic Director of Dappin' Butoh since 1991 and producer of "intimate stage". She performed and taught at the first New York Butoh Festival last October, and recently was featured with Dappin' on KCTS Channel 9's artist spotlight.

SHERI BROWN performs with Joan in a playful and humorous "Edgar & Charlie" and in the trio "Generation Gyration" with Mish and Joan. Last month Sheri performed her latest solo "where i came from" at "intimate stage". Drawing upon her mime training from Arizona State University, and a seed sewn in her imagination in Paris, Sheri, aka "SugahB," began street performing as an "angel fairy dancing mime human sculpture" at Pike Place Market and local festivals. After a year in Seattle, Sheri founded Aunty 147, a non profit artist cooperative aiming to empower world citizens to share directly with each other, joyfully, creatively, and soulfully. Sheri is a member of P.A.N.(performance art network/perception as narcotic), and has performed with Dappin' Butoh.