"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

"intimate stage" - February 2003 Presentation

February 9, 2003 (Sunday at 7 pm) [please note: one night only]
$5 [workshop participants free]


"intimate stage" presents an evening of informal performances by Joan Laage and participants of a weeklong workshop. Joan will remount Umi/Sea to the music of Jeff Greinke. Participants will give informal solo and group performances working primarily with material and experiences from the workshop. These will be followed by refreshments, video showings, and discussion encouraging the audience to share their comments and questions about Butoh. This month's presentation will serve as an introduction to Butoh as well as a chance for dancers and audience to delve deeper into this often mysterious, provocative, and ambiguous art genre.

photo of Joan Laage in Umi/Sea by Carolyn Lee