FEBRUARY 16 (Saturday 8 pm) & FEBRUARY 17 (Sunday 7 pm)

In a celebration of Valentine's Day, "intimate stage" presents Come To The Cabaret! This month features Banal Cruz (Willy Manalang), Mandy Gulla, Tina Pilonetti, and Joan Laage with live music by Shannon Hale. From playful to nostagic, from kitschy to erotic, enjoy an evening of solos and group pieces, of song and dance.

Banal Cruz performed his sizzling and heart-wrenching "Sisa" in October's show. Mandy Gulla and Tina Pilonetti are frequently seen performing with their group lowcrawlershighflying in the Seattle area. All three artists also perform with Dappin' Butoh. Joan Laage, Dappin's artistic director, and Shannon Hale will spend three weeks in January and February at a Centrum Artist Residency in Port Townsend preparing for Come To The Cabaret! and other upcoming projects. Shannon collaborated with Joan in a work of her "grandfather series" last August.

Banal Cruz in "Sisa"
Photos by Carolyn Lee