"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival
August 17 (Saturday at 8 pm) & August 18 (Sunday at 7 pm)

"intimate stage" August 2002
"Black & Blue Madonna" by Joan Laage
"Hypochondria" by Consuelo Gonzalez

featuring Consuelo Gonzalez with music by Richard Middleton
& a new work by Joan Laage & Lisa Lightner

August's "intimate stage" presents Consuelo Gonzalez in a new work entitled Hypochondria. "Born in a small town close to the Mexican border in the early 1800's, Hypochondria was the natural daughter of General Fear and the sensual yet stubborn Miss Apprehension. Childhood trauma at the age of four left Hypochondria convinced that she could not walk. During her teens, she was regularly seen sleep-walking and people were convinced that she was an incorrigible liar.

"Sent to an insane asylum for her refusal to walk, she began to describe the other patients' illnesses and emotions to God. Seeing themselves described so accurately had the astonishing effect of immediately curing the patients. At the age of 100, Hypochondria startled and intrigued the Spiritualist societies of North America by announcing that she would walk to her death by crossing the town square on the 4th of July. While many witnessed her walk, we have only the words of the Sisters of Salt to rely upon for the truth of Hypochondria's mythic feat: according to the sisters, she had, in fact, no legs at all."

Trained from childhood in mime and physical theater, Consuelo was one of the original members of Dappin' Butoh Troupe, performing with Dappin' in Washington, New Mexico, and Vancouver B.C. from 1991-1993. Her original Butoh-inspired theater pieces have been featured at On The Boards' Northwest New Works Series and Gamelan Pacifica's Composer/Choreographer Series. Consuelo has been studying and researching improvisational dance since 1985, and spent seven years in a weekly movement improvisation laboratory from 1993-1999. In her professional career as a healer, Consuelo often uses guided imagery and improvised movement, exploring the connections between creative energy, spiritual energy, and healing energy.

Richard Middleton is a composer, songwriter, and musician who has been
performing in the Northwest for over 20 years. A graduate of Cornish College
of the Arts, he has created music/sound designs for numerous dance and
theater works, and has created his own solo performance works for On the
Boards' Northwest New Works series and the Seattle Fringe Theater Festival.
His new CD of songs, "WEB," has just been released.


Joan Laage will perform The Black and Blue Madonna, assisted by Lisa Lightner. This new work is inspired by a woman's pilgrimages in search of the Black Madonna.

Admission is $12 and reservations are required. The venue is a homestage in Green Lake, 2353 N 64th St. Call Dappin' Butoh at 206-526-5756 for reservations and directions. Dappin' Butoh is sponsored by Allied Arts Foundation.