"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

April 26 (Saturday) One Night Only! Two Shows! 7 pm & 10 pm

"intimate stage" presents San Francisco Bay Area artist
KEITH TERRY with Joan Laage

". . . a crossing of cultures, a blurring of boundaries at its most sensitive, most humanistic, and most magical." NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO

Using any surface for its rhythmic possibilities, Terry "claps his hands, rubs his palms, finger-pops, stamps his feet, brushes his soles, slaps his butt and belly, pops his cheek, whomps his chest, skips and slides, sings and babbles and coughs, building his music out of a surprisingly varied register of sounds and clever rhythmic variations." VILLAGE VOICE

photo: Rick Der

Keith Terry is a percussionist/rhythm dancer whose work encompasses a number of allied performance disciplines - music, dance, theater, performance art - which he brings together to create an artistic vision that defies easy categorization. As a self-defined "body musician," Terry uses the oldest musical instrument in the world - the human body (his own) - as the basis for exploring, blending and bending traditional and contemporary rhythmic, percussive and movement possibilities. Trained as a percussionist, Keith was the drummer for the original Jazz Tap Ensemble when he found his drum patterns becoming hand claps and foot steps. Soon percussion became dance, his body his instrument, and his own style of body music emerged. Keith's influences range from Japanese Taiko and Balinese Gamelan to North American rhythm tap and Ethiopian armpit music.

Keith Terry is probably best known for his solo works, which toured extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia - from the Serious Fun Festival at Lincoln Center, the Bumbershoot Festival at the Seattle Opera House, the Colorado Dance Festival, New York's Dance Theater Workshop and Wolftrap to the American Center in Paris, the Bali Arts Festival, the Regency in Hong Kong, the Vienna Dance Festival, the Budapest Spring Festival and the Paradiso van Slag World Drum Festival in Amsterdam.

Keith is also recognized for his collaborations with other artists, including the Pickle Family Circus, Robin Williams, Tex Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Charles "Honi" Coles, Tandy Beal, Blondell Cummings, Gamelan Sekar Jaya, Geoff Hoyle, the Bobs, Skip Blumberg, the Turtle Island String Quartet, Alex De Grassi, Linda Tillery, Kenny Endo, the original Jazz Tap Ensemble, San Jose Taiko and the Oakland Youth Chorus.

Keith will give workshops for the Seattle World Rhythm Festival in April. Call 206-781-6680.

photo: Peter Petromo