"intimate stage"
Falling Souls
Seattle Fringe Festival

April 19 (Saturday at 8 pm) & April 20 (Sunday at 7 pm), 2003
(please note we have two presentations for April)

"intimate stage" presents Yuko Kaseki and Shinichi Momo Koga

"intimate stage" is very pleased to present Butoh artists Yuko Kaseki and Shinichi Momo Koga from Berlin and San Francisco. Seattleites may have been fortunate to see inkBoat's fantastic performance of Cockroach during the Seattle International Butoh Festival at On The Boards in November 2000. Yuko and Shinichi will also teach a workshop April 17-20, 2003 (see homepage under Butoh Workshops).

Yuko Kaseki lives and works as a free dancer, choreographer and teacher in Berlin (1995-present). She studied Butoh dance with Anzu Furukawa since 1989 and danced in Anzu's company Dance Butter Tokio and Verwandlungsamt in Germany, Finland, Holland, USA). Kaseki founded the dance company Devilangelo with Marc Ates and organized training and performances in their studio loplop (1997-2000). She has been involved in various projects with musicians and artists from France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Denmark, USA. As part of inkBoat, Kaseki has danced and choreographed in works such as Cockroach and Onion.

Shinichi Momo Koga is a body theatre practitioner whose productions, both solo and ensemble, have been causing international havoc since 1988. He is the Artistic Director of inkBoat. Koga restructures dance, theater and film forms, extracting the vital essence of each. As a teacher, performer, and director, he inhabits the shadow self and swims the collision between modern life and primal being. A Hijikata lineage Butoh dance disciple (through Hiroko Tamano), Koga challenges himself and others to rage storms in blue skies and dream in turbulent seas. Koga has worked extensively with Yumiko Yoshioka and TEN PEN Chii (Germany), Larry Reed's Shadowlight Theater (USA), Koichi Tamano's Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Theatre (USA) and with Materia Prima (France), Minako Seki (Germany) and Do Teatr (Russia).