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Dappin' Butoh presents 5000 FALLING SOULS

with composer Jeff Greinke and video artist Scott Johnson

5000 FALLING SOULS is a collaboration with Joan Laage, Artistic Director of Dappin' Butoh since its founding in 1991, composer Jeff Greinke, video artist Scott Johnson, and martial artist Restita De Jesus. This is Dappin' Butoh's first creation as a full ensemble since 2000, and includes ten dancers, from both the original company and new members. This production is made possible in part by support from the Seattle Arts Commission, and Dappin' is under the sponsorship of Allied Arts Foundation.

May 9, 10, 11 & 16, 17, 18 (2002)
Chamber Theater, 915 E Pine St, 4th Floor…Tickets $14
Reservations and information: Dappin' at 206-526-5756 or davidandjoan@earthlink.net

Last October, Director Laage received a Seattle Arts Commission award shortly before leaving for New York City to teach and perform, where she was overwhelmed by the penetrating odor of burning matter - including human flesh - that then pervaded Lower Manhattan. She found herself re-immersed in images of "hungry ghosts" from Buddhist mythology. As a result, the present work's title and content derive from the thousands of people who literally vanished on 9/11 and the awareness that, in the absence of physical bodies, the people who perished will always be "falling" in the minds and hearts of the survivors. As a performance genre, Butoh is known for its immersion in elemental images of death and passage.

The ninety-minute long work is in three sections. "Rupture" - the moment of death and the departure of the mind from the material body, the darkness and confusion like streams of murky water entering the ruins of an ancient temple. "Blaze" - the frightening appearances that erupt in the mind during its journey between death and next rebirth. "Translucence" - as three maidens enjoy an idyllic feast, hungry ghosts inhabiting hell appear, culminating in the release of countless souls, rendered through imagery of slowly shifting cloud formations.

Seattle composer Jeff Greinke is a musician, performer, sound sculptor, and visual artist who is known worldwide for his unique sound. Through a highly developed process of layering, he sculpts sound worlds that conjure a strong sense of place, hovering somewhere between the exotic and the familiar. "Greinke continues to prove himself as one of our finest and most important composers and sound artists…he displays a magnificent ability to create compelling, sensual, tangible textures, sonorities, and atmospheres." AUDION

Video artist Scott Johnson, Tracer Visuals, is an avatar of molding human emotion, capturing both delicate and savage display's of the human condition. His skills run from filming and editing, to writing his own video programs with max/msp and nato, to conceiving installations and creating video collage. He has been involved in several new media performances at venues such as the Seattle Art Museum, Consolidated Works, Entourage, as well as many musical venues in Seattle and Portland.

Restita De Jesus is an instructor at the Yin Yang Arts Center in West Seattle having become certified under Sifu Yijiao Hong of the Chinese Wu Shu & Tai Chi Academy, and two-time National Champion in Chen Tai Chi and Tai Chi sword. Sifu De Jesus represents the human embodiment of the Buddhist protectors that guard temple gates and ward off evil.

“Members of the ensemble take on different attitudes or qualities, almost like miniature emotional states, as if snapshots of the dead are being projected for the audience to witness.” “The ensemble itself can also seem like one giant organism, oozing or tumbling through the space.”
Sandra Kurtz, Seattle Weekly